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Isaac Lahey Imagine - Hide A/n: Contains mentions of abuse ~ When you found out, you realised how it was allowed to go on for so long. The abuse Issac endured by the. Confessions : Isaac Lahey x Reader; Originally posted by artisticlahey. A/N : I just finished season five of teen wolf and I figured I might write for one of my.

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Isaac Lahey imagine #1 'Will you stop following me around?!' I hissed annoyed at the tall alpha who's been following me around like a fucking puppy all day long Lacrosse - Isaac Lahey smut Summary: Isaac enjoys riling you up whilst playing a game of lacrosse, leading to some fun in the changing rooms. Word count: 4.5k.

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Live a little | Isaac Lahey imagine Summary: You and some of your female co-workers go to a townfestival where you run into your male co-workers. You had been kinda. By My Side (Isaac Lahey x Reader) How did the test go? Isaac nervously shrugged, shoving some of his textbooks into his locker. You leaned the other nearby. Requested by: Anon . Request: Hi, can you write OS, where the reader and Isaac broke up, but they still have feelings for each other? The whole pack is in the club.

ISAAC LAHEY X READERANCHORRequest: Can I request an Isaac Lahey imagine where Y/N is a newly turned wolf and doesn't have an anchor since Isaac left her for Allison. fandomnsfw: Pairing: Isaac x Reader. Prompt: Request - Warning: SmutSmut.and a kick to the nads. Thank you to my beta who did this fore me last night I write imagines, and I am currently taking requests, so send them my way! Masterlis

MoonIsaac Lahey X Reader Request: Can I please requests stiles or Isaac imagine where it's y/n first full moon as a werewolf and they help to calm her down when she. Trapped - Isaac Lahey Request: can you please write an imagine where the reader find Isaac locked in the fridge and she help him and comfort him and stuff Isaac Lahey Imagine *smut* You're hopeless I sighed, running my hands through my hair Gee, thanks. Really feeling the love in the room. He replied. Teen Wolf: Isaac Lahey [ISFJ] UNOFFICIAL TYPING BY: theoceanwhereiunravel Introverted Sensing (Si): Isaac's history of being both physically and emotionally abused.

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Sure? - Isaac Lahey Request: Issac thinks you have a thing for Scott, but you don't. [[MORE]] Sliding your bag over your shoulder, you smiled at Scott and. Cute - Isaac Lahey. Not my gif. | Requested. (Y/n) wasn't too happy when she found out that she had to wear glasses. Of course she thought she looked like a major. Isaac or Isaak, transliterated from (Hebrew: יִצְחָק ‎, Standard Yiẓḥaq Tiberian Yiṣḥāq) as Itzhak or Yitzhak, or Yitzchok, was one of the three. Whoops. I never met anyone with the name Isaac so I guess I really haven't second guessed the way I spelled it. This is embarrassing. But thanks for telling me

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masterlist ImaginesLiam Dunbar I Wanna Be Yours Pt One I Wanna Be Yours Pt Two Sexual Frustration Stiles Stilinski Everything I Didn't Say Theo Raeken Back For Yo Just letting you know that the winner of the Edgar Harding competition will be chosen tomorrow and will be notified by emailgood luck to everyone Do you know what episode the rock climbing scene is from? Sorry, I do not know. 6 yıl önce I make imagines! Including Teen Wolf, The 100, Harry Potter, Divergent, Youtubers, bands ands more!!! Remember to make request! Check out the tag page under more.

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A blog dedicated to providing you with animated gifs from the TV show Teen Wolf This is a place to voice and share your whacked out, cracked out conspiracy theories regarding the current season of MTV's Teen Wolf. Feel free to ask questions and. Cute - Isaac Lahey. Not my gif. | Requested. (Y/n) wasn't too happy when she found out that she had to wear glasses. Of course she thought she looked like a major.

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